Vogue Divan Beds

For all night long comfort, nothing beats the Sealy Memory Support divan bed. Its innovative PostureTech 620 system concentrates extra soft memory foam in specific places to distribute weight evenly and to keep the body aligned. For those who get overheated, Tencel, a fiber in the mattress fabric, works naturally through the night to keep sleepers cool and dry.

“All 4ft 6 double divan beds also come with four large storage drawers in the base, perfect for keeping bedding, pajamas, or just about anything.

Whether you are seeking a bed which delivers comfort for a restful sleep or a bed which provides adequate support for maintaining spinal alignment, the Enigma Divan offers both. The Enigma Divan also offers hypoallergenic filling for those who may suffer from allergies. The support is a result of incorporating high guage steel coils within the mattress.

The Enigma Divan may be purchased in single, double, and/or king size. This high quality bed may be purchased with or without the optional 2 drawer storage compartment. The luxurious quilted top is also filled with hypoallergenic materials and is only available in white.

If you need a wonderful deal on a divan bed then this Vogue Divan Beds is for you. Found in Single, Double & kingsize. Vogue Divan Beds – £159 – Vogue Divan Bed Frames.

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