Synergy Single Divan Bed

Comfortable and a great value, this cheap divan single bed is perfect for the single person. The Enigmatic single divan bed is able to fit into the smallest room and offers a great deal of comfort and support while sleeping.

“Measuring 90 centimeters wide and 190 centimeters long, the bed is ideal for kids or young adults starting out in their first apartment. Made with hypoallergenic materials and two under drawers, this bed offers storage and quality for a fantastic price.

Do you want a perfect night’s sleep? Luxury, exceptional comfort and durability are combined into one complete package-sure to give the customer sweet dreams every night! Vogue Synergy divan beds were designed to promote perfect posture, with innovative technology-that takes into consideration how the human body works during sleep.

The style of this bed is simplistic, yet sophisticated-cushioned with luxurious wool fabric and polyester fillings, and bordered with an appealing sculpted quilt design. The Vogue Synergy divan provides convenient storage space and comes in cream and white, making it compatible with your personal bedroom style. Not only are the Vogue Synergy 2000 divan bed models aesthetic, they provide the maximum comfort and durability to the customer at a remarkable savings.

The science behind this technology performs the action of a memory foam mattress-each spring is seperately housed in pockets-ensuring even weight distribution and preventing roll together.

The makers of the Vogue Synergy 2000 divan bed have provided the option of ‘Contract range’ for mass orders requested by many retail clients, such as, hotels, schools and even medical facilities. For today’s busy lifestyle, a good night’s rest is essential for daily productivity. This bed offers the versatility of small to large frames, and can be placed in just about any position in the room. Customers can rest assure that they are getting the best product available at amazing prices. The Vogue Synergy 2000 divan bed is sure to be an investment that customers will appreciate for many years to come!

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