Round Beds

Here at we have a massive selection of divan beds. We have 5 beautiful styles of round beds to choose from. Starting with the Couture, very similar to the one featured in C4’s Big Brother.


The Couture Round Bed:

The bedroom is your domain, your sanctuary. The Couture round bed gives a contemporary room with thet added look of style and elegance. This circular styled bed will become the of center piece of your bedroom.

Koala Round Bed & Mattress:

Our least expensive round bed, the Koala offers outstanding value for money and is sure to be a lovely addition to any bedroom. The Koala bed comes fully equipped with a mattress and a head board that completes the masterpiece.

Round Bed and Mattress Deal:

Another high quality circular bed for under £1000, at only £799 the Celebrity round bed you may have seen on a very popular TV show. Another round bed and mattress deal save £240 (was £1039!) in our massive round beds sale.

The Lotus Round Bed:

One of our most popular round beds and the price refelects that, if ymoney is no object and you want something special for your bedroom then the aptly named Lotus is for you. On sale now with a massive £500 off, was £1799.

You can choose your finish linen or faux suede. It comes in several colors pewter, ivory, chocolate, and taupe. The Couture round is an accent piece that also provides great comfort. You have beauty and style at an affordable price. You can make your sanctuary truly your very own slice of heaven.

Just In! – 4 new round beds added for autumn winter 2011. Available from £599 including mattress

Be bold and choose of our luxurious and space saving round beds, words or pictures don’t do these beauties justice. They are stylish, comfortable and are certain to become the focal point of your bedroom

This outstanding divan bed presents comfort and style in one inexpensive bundle. At just £2799 this bed can be purchased in kingsize frames. Truly excellent Round Beds. Round Beds – £2799 – Round Bed Frames

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