Posturepedic Single Bed

The Sealy Millionaire ortho divan is a luxurious bed that will go with any style of decor in the bedroom. It will also come at an affordable price and high quality fabrics. The single bed with mattress comes in an elegant white color fabric and with natural hypoallergenic fillings.

“Its main features are the pocket spring units that come together to give a nice and relaxing rest. The softness of the mattress makes it feel like sleeping on a cloud but with a firm support.

The Sealy Larkhaven divan bed is one of Sealy’s Posturpedic line of beds, meaning that it offers incredibly comfort and functionality on top of looking great in a bedroom. The Posturpedic line eliminates painful pressure points, allowing the sleeper to avoid any painful areas during the night. Another benefit is that pressure is absorbed by the bed rather than transferred, so that spouses of people who toss and turn frequently do not have to worry about being kept up as well.


As for the Larkhaven Divan Bed specifically, it is designed both for beauty and convenience, containing four drawers around the base for storage of any kind. This means that the owner can eliminate the need for any kind of bedside table with drawers by storing things in the bed itself. This makes for more space in the bedroom. The bed itself is tall, with a gorgeous creamy white color. It’s height keeps the owner from having to sleep close to the floor and creates more room for the drawers.

The Larkhaven Divan Bed is a creative twist on traditional beds, merging functionality with comfort, and beauty with style.

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