Posturepedic Divan Beds

Using a standard spring system with open coils for support and plenty of luxurious polyester filling for softness, the Europa Milan Ortho divan bed is perfect for all those who enjoy great medium firm support. Underneath, extra sheets and blankets can be both accessible and out of the way when stored in the drawers available along the bottom of the single divan storage bed.

“A simple yet elegant faux suede headboard is available in two colors, ivory or brown, making this bed a beautiful yet comfortable addition to any home.

If you are having problems sleeping during the night, then this Sealy Cumbrian Meadow Divian bed is perfect for you. There are 7 zones of latex memory foam included in the mattress that target specific pressure points in the body. This allows you to be able to sleep through the night without tossing and turning. The new thread system found on this mattress will keep you from getting too cold or hot while you sleep.

There are also several storage drawers located at the bottom of the bed. This is the perfect way to provide storage without taking up any floor space in the bedroom. This bed comes in a variety of sizes and the white color will look great in any bedroom.

The Posture Tech 660 spring system also allows for great sleep by evenly distributing your weight while you sleep. Since you weight will be evenly distributed, this will cause less damage to the mattress. You will have a hard time finding another bed that supplies this much comfort and durability at such a great price. This bed will allow you to get a great nights sleep which will dramatically increase your productivity the next day.

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