Posture Correcting Divan Bed

Designed for a simple, let luxurious bedroom, this white divan double bed with mattress by Sealy is the perfect intersection between comfort and versatility.

“Featuring four optional under the bed storage drawers and a design that fits into any room’s decor, the divan double bed is as comfortable as it is practical. The bed’s springs are encapsulated in foam, ensuring a firm, supportive, yet sumptuous feel. Its hypoallergenic natural fiber filling ensures an easy night’s sleep for allergy sufferers, while its luxurious Micro-Quilt covering helps promote an easy night’s sleep.

The white Harmony 800 is available for purchase to fit the comfort needs of anyone that chooses this contemporary bed. Creating this high level of satisfaction for those who sleep on this bed are the pocket springs that are covered by a foam interior, along with natural fillings that create firm, yet soft stability.

Not only is this bed comfortable for lounging and sleeping, but it is also very stylish. Jazz up your room by purchasing a matching headboard to the Harmony 800, an affordable bed that is sleek and has a smooth finish. Sleep comfortably on the bed any time of day or night while also satisfying your storage needs by choosing the unit with drawers added to it.

If you need a terrific offer on a divan bed then this Posture Correcting Divan Bed is for you. Available in single, Double & kingsize. Posture Correcting Divan Bed – £239 – Posture Correcting divan beds.

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