Memory Foam King Size Bed

“Memory foam allows the sleeper to alleviate pressure from all areas of the body, and also supports the body in any position a person prefers to sleep. The luxury and quality you expect from Vogue, available at a price you can afford.

The Dorlux Memory Support divan bed is the perfect bed for anyone who needs tension relief, has back problems, or just wants a luxurious nights sleep every single night! Featuring a special memory foam that is designed to maintain your body’s natural temperature, this bed also provides great relief from pressure that other less advanced beds exert on your body. This mattress in this divan is so great that it can even be purchased separately from the bed.

This bed is a combination of both plush memory foam and open coil spring. This combination makes for a soft, comfortable bed that will improve your quality of sleep. Research shows that the memory foam in this bed is proven to improve sleep. In fact, this bed is highly recommended by chiropractors, osteopaths, and back specialists around the world! Depending on what size bed is purchased, the Dorlux Memory Support Divan Bed also features a white single 2, double 4, or king 4 storage divan.

Whether you talk to a specialist, read the research, or talk to somebody who owns this bed, you are sure to be convinced that the Dorlux Memory Support Divan bed is the perfect fit for you. Quality support, comfort, tension relief, and improved sleep are all available and for a great price!

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