Cheap Divan Bed Base

Forget the box spring and bed frames; this cheap divan bed base offers comfort and space saving storage suitable for small budgets and floor space in a wide range of colors, fabrics and sizes.

“Choose a single, double, king or super king sized bed base in chenille, damash, faux leather or faux suede. Each bed base comes with drawers for storage: 4 basic sized drawers or one jumbo drawer. Choose from some more basic colors, like cream or brown, or express yourself colorfully with a red or pink one.

This beautiful bed base comes is an incredibly stylish addition to any bedroom. It comes in several different colors and fabrics so you can easily select one to fit into your personality and sense of style. The bed base will easily fit beneath any bed, simply select the size you wish to order!

The Clayton bed base is incredibly soft and stylish; it brings a bit of sophistication to the room as it elevates your bed and helps provide for an even deeper and more luxurious sleep. Rectangular in shape, it is set up on wheels so you can easily move your bed around if you need.

This excellent divan bed presents style and comfort a single inexpensive package deal. At only £99 this bed can be purchased in Single, Double & kingsize frames. Genuinely fantastic Cheap Divan Bed Base. Cheap Divan Bed Base – £99 – Cheap divan beds

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