Great Deals on Divan Single Beds & Single Divans

    White Divan Beds:

    The Sweet Dreams Imperial Ottoman Storage bed is ideal for both small and large spaces. The bed can be raised by the convenient handles on the side to reveal a large storage space for clothing, toys, or personal items. This white divan bed features a 12.5 gauge high tensile spring unit for firm support and […]

    Vogue Divan Beds:

    For all night long comfort, nothing beats the Sealy Memory Support divan bed. Its innovative PostureTech 620 system concentrates extra soft memory foam in specific places to distribute weight evenly and to keep the body aligned. For those who get overheated, Tencel, a fiber in the mattress fabric, works naturally through the night to keep […]

    Deluxe Orthopaedic Divan Bed:

    With a sleek, clean and space saving design, the orthopaedic divan bed is more than just a bed base, it’s a divine sleeping experience. Offering open coil springs with layers of polyester filling, the medium-firm bed base maximizes on comfort, style and support. “Included with the bed base is a new mattress for added value. […]

    2 Drawer Divan Beds:

    The Vogue Ortho Deluxe divan bed is a great quality bed at an amazing price. Featuring finely quilted damask fabric and soft polyester fillings, the whole system is completely hypoallergenic. In addition, its high gauge springs are specially designed to offer the best support and keep back pain away. “The 2 drawer divan bed comes […]

    Memory Foam Single Divans:

    Plush and ultra comfortable, this Memory Foam single divan bed provides a soft resting spot that anyone will enjoy after a long day at work, school or raising children. Homeowners may wish to add this divine bed to a guest room to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable during their visit. “The divan bases […]

    Cheap Divan Beds:

    If you need a bed fast then our express divans can be delivered to your home within 2-3 days at only £89 it offers outstanding vlaue for money and is ideal for kids bedrooms or guest rooms. Its an extremely popular bed being used in hotels and bedrooms through out the country because of its […]

    Cheap Divan Bed Base:

    Forget the box spring and bed frames; this cheap divan bed base offers comfort and space saving storage suitable for small budgets and floor space in a wide range of colors, fabrics and sizes. “Choose a single, double, king or super king sized bed base in chenille, damash, faux leather or faux suede. Each bed […]

    Posturepedic Single Bed:

    The Sealy Millionaire ortho divan is a luxurious bed that will go with any style of decor in the bedroom. It will also come at an affordable price and high quality fabrics. The single bed with mattress comes in an elegant white color fabric and with natural hypoallergenic fillings. “Its main features are the pocket […]

    Posturepedic Divan Beds:

    Using a standard spring system with open coils for support and plenty of luxurious polyester filling for softness, the Europa Milan Ortho divan bed is perfect for all those who enjoy great medium firm support. Underneath, extra sheets and blankets can be both accessible and out of the way when stored in the drawers available […]

    Black Divan Beds:

    The new Vogue Pocket 1000 divan bed is an excellent addition for any bedroom. It carries 1000 individual pocketed springs that gives great comfort and support. One appealing feature that all black divan beds have is their ability to adapt to any bedroom’s decor. “The Vogue Pocket divan bed is also hypoallergenic with high quality […]

    Dorlux Divan Single Beds:

    The Enigma divan bed is a great choice to get that good night’s rest. It carries nothing but high quality fabrics and designs. The etchings of these damask fabrics are unique and beautiful, which are also similar to quilt designs. “The single divan bed is perfect to get a nice balance of style and comfort. […]

    Orthopaedic Beds:

    Here at we have a massive selection of orthopaedic beds. We have 4 beautiful styles of firm ortho beds fpor those who need that support for sleep. Choose from single, double & king size beds with prices starting at only £179. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ MORE ORTHOPAEDIC BEDS FEATURED BELOW IN OUR JANUARY SALE! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Milan Ortho […]

    Synergy Single Divan Bed:

    Comfortable and a great value, this cheap divan single bed is perfect for the single person. The Enigmatic single divan bed is able to fit into the smallest room and offers a great deal of comfort and support while sleeping. “Measuring 90 centimeters wide and 190 centimeters long, the bed is ideal for kids or […]

    King size Divans and Mattress:

    Simply elegant in its practical nature, this king size divan bed and mattress set is available in linen or suede. Deeply quilted and filled with gentle polyester and spring coils, this king size divan sports a moderately firm suspension and comes in eight colors to match any motif. “A matching headboard can be purchased to […]

    Vogue Single Divan Beds:

    The Clayton divan bed – base only – is perfect for any divan bed. It will come with two storage drawers that will make an excellent place to store away all of the bed linen and other home accessories. These single divan beds with storage drawers all come at affordable prices as well. “This gorgeous […]

    Divan Beds under £100:

    New base allows for customer to choose from a wide selection of fabrics to match the style of any room or theme. Sizes range from single to super king size and finishes include chenille, damask, faux leather, and faux suede. These choices allow for almost any type of statement to be made while staying within […]

    Divan beds are simply beds that feature spare drawers in the base underneath the mattress. Divan beds come in a variety of sizes, including single, double and king size beds. Therefore, people of any height can sleep on them. Divan beds can have anywhere from one to four drawers. On well-designed divan beds, the storage unit is not the central feature and so does not interfere with sleeping. One will still wake up with an aligned spine and well-rested body. Also, well-designed divan beds include mattresses that fit perfectly over the storage unit and therefore have no overhang.

    There are many advantages to single divan beds. They are a perfect option for those with limited storage in their homes. The drawers underneath allow space for the storage of bed linens, clothes or whatever other objects one can imagine. Besides saving space, divan beds are also economical as the spare drawers can replace a chest of drawers. The size of a single bed in particular allows it to fit in smaller rooms, as long as there is still enough space to open the drawers.

    Single beds are also the perfect size for children's beds and bedrooms, and the extra storage can be used for toys. They also can be used for guest rooms. Additionally, many divan beds come with castors, which make redecorating easier. With divan beds, one does not need to sacrifice form for function. Divan beds can be very stylish, with pillow tops, damask fabrics and quilted mattresses. Orthopaedic and hypoallergenic divan beds are also available for those who need a little extra comfort.

    Whether one lives in a small flat and needs a practical yet stylish bed, or one needs a new bed for a children's or guest room, single divan beds are the perfect solution. Whether looking for style or a basic inexpensive bed, there are divan beds to fit every budget. Single divan beds are essential furniture for the modern household.