Great Deals on Divan Kingsize Beds & Kingsize Divans

    Non Storage King Size Divan:

    The Enigma divan bed features a relaxing orthopedic mattress made with high gauge spring units, certain to keep sleepers comfortable throughout the night. In addition, its soft polyester fillings are totally hypoallergenic to keep allergy sufferers feeling good. “This luxurious and comfortable mattress is covered in damask fabric of the highest quality in a beautiful […]

    Round Beds:

    Here at we have a massive selection of divan beds. We have 5 beautiful styles of round beds to choose from. Starting with the Couture, very similar to the one featured in C4’s Big Brother. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ MORE ROUND BEDS FEATURED BELOW IN OUR JANUARY SALE! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ The Couture Round Bed: The bedroom is your […]

    Latex Memory Foam Beds:

    Try Utopia, that ideal place where design, style, beauty, and function meet to provide you the perfect night’s sleep. “The Vogue Utopia 1500 Pocket Memory Touch divan bed is an exercise in indulgence. Its pocket spring system and foam interior provide a smooth level surface, even at the edge of the bed, while its special […]

    Sealy Divans:

    The Cumbrian Meadow model from Sealy is a fantastic choice for sleepers who find themselves tossing and turning all night. Sealy divan beds are made with comfort as the priority, and the bed is built to relieve pressure points. This model offers edge to edge support and distributes weight away from the heaviest parts of […]

    Memory Touch Divan Bed:

    The Sealy Memory Support divan bed has a plush, foamy exterior with a firm interior that is specifically designed to balance the weight of your body perfectly and provide an enhanced sleep experience. Custom-designed springs combine with a revolutionary new fabric called Tencel to keep the body insulated, dry and comfortable and cozy no matter […]

    Posturepedic Divan Bed:

    Designed with a simple and exquisite concept, the kingsize divan bed with mattress is a striking addition to any bedroom. Beauty on a budget is easily obtainable with this bedroom set. “The divan’s design features contemporary straight lines with gentle corners. With multiple colors and fabrics to choose from, this bed can stand out in […]

    White Ottoman Beds:

    Discover classic style with great storage options in this tasteful ottoman bed. The bed lifts up on the side, revealing the generous storage area underneath. With a depth of 26cm and a central divider, the two large storage areas can hold bed linens, extra pillows, clothing, shoes or valuables under the bed with no one […]

    Sealy Ortho Divan Bed:

    The Europa Milan ortho divan bed comes with a combination of great comfort and elegance. The medium firm mattress comes in a white color, which comes with beautiful and unique etchings. A medium firm support will provide an excellent restful night after a long day. “There is also an optional headboard that will fit this […]

    Kingsize Sealy Divan Bed:

    Designed for comfort, this bed is available in several different sizes, making it an ideal choice for every member of the family. Storage drawers are built into the bed, allowing for increased functionality. Memory foam is used to provide optimum comfort while relieving discomfort caused by painful pressure points. “When looking for a cheap Sealy […]

    Synergy Divan Beds:

    A stunning, sophisticated king size divan bed with drawers offers a glorious night’s sleep with room for goodies stored underneath. Clean modern styling lends a note of calm assurance that this bed is the best. A sleek minimalist approach is seen in the refined solid cubes decorating the headboard. “Roomy storage for bed linens or […]

    Pocket Sprung King size Bed:

    This pocket sprung divan boasts sleek style and superior quality. Pocket sprung mattresses use individual spring coils to create quality support for the sleeper all night long. They also mold and adapt to the sleeper’s body for extra comfort. This divan has over 1000 individual springs and is no turn meaning that the dreary task […]

    Sealy Kingsize Divans:

    A king size divan bed with storage can be very convenient for any bedroom. The new Vogue Regency divan bed is a durable and high quality bed. Its mattress features hypoallergenic fillings that give out a firm support for that great rest. “The storage that comes with the bed has two drawers, which is perfect […]

    Posturepedic Kingsize Beds:

    Getting a king size divan bed on sale can help to save a little money and get a great quality bed at the same time. The Vogue ortho deluxe divan bed is an excellent example of a comfortable and affordable bed. “It carries a high quality fabric design that provides the support needed for a […]

    King size Ottoman Bed:

    Imagine comfort, style and environmentally friendly at an affordable price and you’ll find the organic ottoman bed with mattress. Available in a creamy white, this combination bed and storage unit is unique in it’s style and comfort. Lift the mattress easily to open a large under-bed storage for sheets, blankets, pillows and more without worrying […]

    Large Divan Bed Base:

    Looking for a sturdy and comfortable bed base with built in storage (or not)? Then choose a divan bed base, these beds are popular for a reason: they are reliable, comfortable, affordable and there is a large variety of styles and colours. The affordable Jumbo Clayton divan base from Sweet Dreams has an understated grandeur […]

    Memory Foam King Size Bed:

    “Memory foam allows the sleeper to alleviate pressure from all areas of the body, and also supports the body in any position a person prefers to sleep. The luxury and quality you expect from Vogue, available at a price you can afford. The Dorlux Memory Support divan bed is the perfect bed for anyone who […]

    He comes home feeling tired and achy from a long day at work. After a soothing shower and a fulfilling dinner, his body is craving a comfortable rest. His bed, however, is a single mattress on the floor. It feels too firm and does not provide enough room for his tossing and turning sleep. He awakes in the morning still feeling tired and achy.

    The new mum has not slept much on her old saggy mattress. She drags herself into bed each night hoping to get several hours of uninterrupted sleep as her baby sleeps soundly in his crib. However, her old double bed prevents her from feeling comfortable enough, and her back aches each morning. She greets her baby with tired eyes and that please-go-easy-on-me-today-look.

    Both the man and the mum would feel much more rested and have much more energy if they had slept on a king size divan bed! A divan bed provides much more comfort because its mattress lies on a box-spring instead of the floor or platform. The springs adjust to the body weight and contour of the sleeper, thereby helping to relieve pressure points that develop when sleeping on mattresses without that support. In addition, the box-spring helps extend the life of the mattress.

    The size of the bed matters as well. A king size divan provides the most room. Two full-grown adults can sleep comfortably even if they both move throughout the night. And there is enough room for a child to join mum and dad in bed during a restless night!

    A kingsize divan bed is one of the best investments one could make. Treat yourself to a kingsize divan bed today , and you will rest assured that no matter how hectic the day, the night will be peaceful!