2 Drawer Divan Beds

The Vogue Ortho Deluxe divan bed is a great quality bed at an amazing price. Featuring finely quilted damask fabric and soft polyester fillings, the whole system is completely hypoallergenic. In addition, its high gauge springs are specially designed to offer the best support and keep back pain away.

“The 2 drawer divan bed comes in the single, while the double and king size feature four drawers in the white base for easy storage.

Pieces of furniture that double as storage are essential in creating a nice open room. The Clayton 2 Drawer is a perfect example of this. It is a bed base that has 2 drawers for convenient storage. It can double as a spare dresser to hold all your clothes.

It can fit in any room because of its varies amounts of options. It comes in four different finishes, including faux suede and chenille. It comes in six colors to match even the most creative rooms. This piece of furniture is really a must have for people who want a unique and interesting room that is also functional.

For 2 Drawer Divan Bed Frames this one offers comfort, style and quality. Available in Single & Double frames from only £129. 2 Drawer divan beds – £129 – 2 Drawer Divan Bed Frames.

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